10.6 DECS: starting and testing connectivity

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10.6 DECS: starting and testing connectivity

Problem: You cannot get your DECS or DCR session to connect to a database.

Cause: DECS must be running in order to communicate to DB2 with it, or with DCRs.


  • You can include DECS in the list of started Domino processes in notes.ini, as follows:


  • If you want to start DECS manually from the Domino console, issue: load decs

    To test for connectivity to DB2, complete the following steps:

    1. Run the test program DCTEST, located in the Domino program directory. On our platform, the program directory was located in /opt/lotus/notes/latest/zlinux, the default directory. This test should be conducted using the Domino user/account ID.

    2. Select DB2 from the program menu.

    3. Enter the data source, user name, and password when the program prompts for them.

    4. Choose (Y/N) whether you want detailed driver information.

    5. You can produce a printed report for diagnostic purposes. When asked, you can choose to output to a file (Y) or not (N). If you do not choose output to a file, the results appear on your monitor.

    6. If you chose file output, supply a name for the file, then press Enter. The program then attempts to connect to the DB2 data source.

    7. You can retry a connection by entering: Y when prompted for another data source.

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