Chapter 6: Linux Installation

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In this chapter, we discuss the installation of Linux for zSeries. Before you can install Domino, you first need at least one Linux image. Linux on zSeries can either be installed as a guest under z/VM, or directly on a zSeries LPAR. Installation of Linux both under z/VM and on an LPAR are discussed here.

6.1 Introduction

Prior to installing Linux and Domino on zSeries, you should undertake some planning as discussed in Chapter 2, "Planning" on page 13. Consider the personnel and skills that will be involved. Ideally there will be a z/VM person (if installing under z/VM), a Linux person, a network person, and a DASD person. Of course, in many organizations, individuals will perform multiple tasks.

6.1.1 Bill of materials

You will need the following items for your Linux installation:

  • Either z/VM in an LPAR, or a zSeries LPAR for with adequate DASD and memory (refer to Chapter 4, "Disk configuration" on page 49).

  • Linux distribution. Because of the need for the sys_epoll code, Domino can only run on United Linux 1.0 (SuSE SLES-8 or Turbolinux TLES-8 with service pack 2) at this time

  • A Domino tar package.

  • An NFS or FTP server to give access to the Linux distribution CDs.

  • A workstation with an X server (optional; an X server is recommended but not required) and an ssh client (such as PuTTY). You might find it helpful to have a Linux workstation fill this role, for ease of copying and editing files.

6.1.2 High level steps

The high level steps involved in installing Linux and Domino are as follows:

  1. Prepare for the Linux installation; refer to 6.2, "Prepare for Linux installation" on page 89.

  2. Install and customize z/VM if Linux will be running under it; refer to 6.3, "z/VM first steps" on page 94.

  3. If Linux will be running in an LPAR, refer to 6.4, "Prepare and IPL Linux in an LPAR" on page 95.

  4. Install and customize Linux; refer to 6.5, "Linux installation and customization" on page 101.

  5. Install Domino; refer to Chapter 7, "Domino installation" on page 129.

These steps are illustrated in Figure 6-1 on page 89.

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Figure 6-1: Installation steps

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