2.6 Linux planning and customizing

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2.6 Linux planning and customizing

Domino for Linux on zSeries requires United Linux 1.0 with Service Pack 2. You can see if you have the right level of Linux with this command.

    uname -a 

The result should be:

    linuxb:~ # uname -a    Linux linuxb 2.4.19-4suse-SMP #1 SMP Thu Jun 5 23:01:37 UTC 2003 s390 unknown 

The date on your system must be later than June 5.; that is the minimum date.

The sys_epoll function, available only with Service Pack 2 of United Linux 1.0 for S/390 or SLES 8, is required to run Domino. To be sure that epoll has been installed into the kernel, issue this command.

    grep epoll /boot/System.map* 

The result should be:

    >grep epoll /boot/System.map*    000797d8 T sys_epoll_create    00079854 T sys_epoll_ctl    000799b8 T sys_epoll_wait 

2.6.1 Linux kernel changes

You will also need to change some Linux kernel values to optimize Linux for Domino use. Refer to 7.3, "Pre-installation steps" on page 131 for details.

2.6.2 Linux sysstat package

Domino can collect platform statistics for display on the Domino Administrator client. Some of these (for example, the logical disk statistics) depend on the iostat command for information.

If iostat is not available to Domino, the disk platform statistics will not be available. iostat is typically delivered in the sysstat package on Linux.


Taking the defaults did not install the package on our SuSE SLES8 system.

2.6.3 Linux user IDs

To install Domino on your Linux system, you need at least two Linux user IDs:

  • The root (UID = 0) for extracting the TAR file and installing the binaries.

  • One ID (UID 0) under which the Domino server will run. During the installation process, this ID is needed to set up and configure the server.

    You need one user ID for each Domino server running in the Linux server.

You may also wish to define a user ID that will be used to FTP the Domino code from the workstation to the Linux server, because root is normally not allowed to use FTP.

You will also need a group to which the Domino server belongs. This group must be defined before installing the Domino server. The default group, which may be changed during installation, is notes.

2.6.4 Linux network

For each Domino server you plan to install, you need one complete IP address. That means the combination IP address and port (1352 for Notes RPC).


We do not recommend the use of Domino port mapping. Although that makes it possible to have multiple Domino servers using the same IP address on different ports, it is not advisable because the port mapping function is performed by one of the servers—and if that server is not available, clients cannot reach the other servers even if they are running.

For installation, you need FTP and telnet or ssh access to your Linux system. Make sure the corresponding services are available.

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