Chapter 27 -- Diagramming for Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Engineering

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Chapter 27

Visio Professional is a drawing and diagramming tool used by people in many different disciplines, but arguably the product's greatest strength is in engineering schematics. Visio makes it easy to represent and connect all kinds of symbols—whether they represent circuits, semiconductors, pneumatic equipment, ball bearings, or pipes. SmartShapes symbols are uniquely suited to symbolic or logical 2-D diagrams.

The engineering templates in Visio Professional offer tools to help you quickly create diagrams that communicate your plans or your existing setup in a way that others will understand. This chapter won't tell you all you need to know to be a successful engineer. We're assuming you're the expert on that part of the task. But this chapter will help you make the most of the engineering shapes and tools in Visio Professional.


The engineering templates are included only with Visio Professional. They are not available in Visio Standard.

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