Section IV: Visual C

Chapter Overview

Chapter 15: Introduction to Visual C++
Chapter 16: More Windows Applications with Visual C++

This section will introduce you to the world of Windows programming using Visual C++. Obviously you will need to have a copy of Visual C++ to make these examples work. The chapters were written using Visual C++ 6.0, but most of the examples will also work with Visual C++ 5.0. If you do not have access to either version of Visual C++, then you will not be able to use the examples in these chapters.

Visual C++ is designed specifically for Windows. This means that although all the ANSI-standard C++ will work in Visual C++, there are a LOT of nonstandard items. These items are specific to Windows programming, and will only work in Visual C++, not in any other compiler.

Clearly this small section will not make you a Visual C++ guru. However, it should give you a basic working knowledge of Visual C++. You can also use some of the resources in the appendices at the back of the book to expand your knowledge of Visual C++.

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