Foundation Summary

Cisco is continually enhancing the capabilities of its IPS software. New signatures are being added to address new attacks as they are discovered. These improvements are deployed via the following two types of software releases:

  • Service packs

  • Signature updates

The Cisco IPS software releases have a filename that comprises the following components:

  • Software type

  • Cisco IPS version

  • Service pack level

  • Signature version

  • Extension

To ensure the correct operation of your Cisco IPS sensors, you need to follow several guidelines when updating you sensor software. The guidelines are divided into the following tasks:

  • Read the release notes

  • Download the appropriate updates to your server

  • Install the software update on the sensor

Using the upgrade CLI command, you can use the following methods to access the software update files:

  • FTP


  • SCP

To install signature updates on your 5.0 sensor, your sensor needs to have a valid license key installed.

You can configure your sensor to automatically check a specific server on a regular basis to look for new software updates at one of the following intervals:

  • Hourly

  • Daily

The downgrade sensor CLI command enables you to revert your sensor to the previous software image. You can re-image the sensor software by using the recover application-partition CLI command. After you use the recover application-partition command, all of your configuration information on the sensor is removed except for the network parameters, such as the IP address.

To return a sensor to all of the default settings by using the CLI, you use the default service command in conjunction with one of the following keywords:

  • analysis-engine

  • authentication

  • event-action-rules

  • host

  • interface

  • logger

  • network-access

  • notification

  • signature-definition

  • ssh-known-hosts

  • trusted-certificates

  • web-server

To return a sensor to its default settings using IDM, your only option is to reset all parameters to their default settings.

From the sensor CLI, you can reset or power down the sensor by using the reset command.

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