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  • For more practice with exam-like question formats, use the exam engine on the CD-ROM.


What two types of software releases does Cisco IPS provide?


What are the major components identified in a Cisco IPS software filename?


What are the common extensions for Cisco IPS software files?


Which sensor CLI command enables you to update the software on your sensor?


When updating the sensor software via the CLI, which file transfer protocols can you use?


What are the two basic intervals for performing automatic software updates?


Which sensor CLI command enables you to revert to a previous sensor software image?


Which sensor CLI command enables you to re-image the sensor from the recovery partition?


What CLI command enables you to reset your sensor configuration to its default settings?


What is the difference between restoring the default configuration by using the CLI and restoring it by using IDM?


Which sensor CLI command enables you to reboot the sensor, and which keyword causes it to shut down instead of reboot?


Which keywords can you specify in conjunction with the default service CLI command?

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