Chapter 5. Working with SQL

5. Working with SQL

Once you know how to make a database connection from Dreamweaver, you can begin creating database queries. Regardless of the application server or database you use, Dreamweaver uses SQL, the standard database language for creating queries, to create simple and complex queries for selecting data, sorting data, or editing database records.

You don't have to know anything about SQL to create a simple database query in Dreamweaverthe application automatically generates the necessary SQL code for you. But if you want to use Dreamweaver to create complex queries involving multiple tables, you'll need a basic understanding of SQL syntax.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to create a simple SQL database named travelclub that contains two tables (members and flightprefs). You'll use this database to work with basic SQL statements, including SELECT, which is used to retrieve information from the database; ORDER BY, which is used to sort information in ascending or descending order; and WHERE, which is used to filter information and create a subset of data. You'll also learn how to create a complex query using the SELECT statement to join two tables and retrieve a set of information from both tables, and how to edit database tables using UPDATE and DELETE statements.

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