OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks

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OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks
By Jeff Doyle
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: November 01, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-16879-8
Pages: 480

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The practical guide to large-scale networking with OSPF and IS-IS

This is the definitive guide to using OSPF and IS-IS protocols in large-scale IP enterprise, carrier, and service provider networks. Well-known network designer Jeff Doyle draws on his consulting experience, offering realistic advice and straight answers on every aspect of working with link-state protocolsfrom scalability, reliability, and security to area design and database synchronization.

This book is organized to help network engineers and architects compare OSPF and IS-IS. One feature at a time, Doyle first demonstrates how a topic or feature is implemented in OSPF, and then walks through a similar implementation using IS-IS. Professionals who are relatively new to large-scale networking will welcome his practical introduction to the concepts, goals, and history of link state protocols. Coverage includes

  • Understanding message types, encapsulation, architecture, LSAs, and LSPs

  • Optimizing addressing, neighbor discovery, adjacencies, and router designation

  • Improving scalability: controlling the scope of flooding, link state database size, SPF calculation efficiency, and much more

  • Designing and operating large-scale networks for maximum security and reliability

  • Hardening networks to thwart attacks against routing protocols

  • Comparing OSPF and IS-IS extensibility

  • Utilizing extensions for MPLS-based traffic engineering, IPv6, and multi-topology routing

  • Troubleshooting OSPF and IS-IS log entries, debug output, and LS databases

Doyle's thorough explanations, end-of-chapter review questions, and many wide-ranging examples for both Cisco's IOS and Juniper's JUNOS also make this book an exceptional resource for anyone pursuing a CCIE or JNCIE certification.

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OSPF and IS-IS(c) Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks
OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks
ISBN: 0321168798
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Year: 2006
Pages: 111
Authors: Jeff Doyle
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