Recipe 2.7 Installing the mod_snake Python Module


You want to add the mod_snake Python scripting module to your existing Apache server.


To install mod_snake on a Unixish system, download the source from the web site (follow the link for downloading), unpack it, and then:

% cd  mod_snake-0.5.0  % ./configure --with-apxs= /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs  % make  # make install 

Restart the server.

At the time of this writing, mod_snake cannot be installed on Windows.


mod_snake is a fairly standard Apache module; it can be added to an existing Apache installation without any source-level changes. It requires that you have Python installed, and that the apxs script has been properly configured and installed as part of the web server package.

See the README and INSTALL files in the unpacked package directory, and the HTML documentation in the examples/tut/ directory, for additional information, examples, and ways to test that your installation was successful.

See Also

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