Recipe 2.1 Installing a Generic Third-Party Module


You have downloaded a third-party module that isn't listed in this chapter, and you want to install it.


Move to the directory where the module's source file was unpacked, and then:

% /path/to/apache/ bin/apxs -cia  module.c 


In the case of a third-party module that consists of a single .c file, there is a good chance that it can be built and installed using the Solution. Modules that involve multiple source files should provide their own installation instructions.

The -cia options mean to compile, install, and activate. The first is pretty straightforward; install means put the .so file in the place Apache expects to find it, and activate means to add the module to the httpd.conf file.

See Also

  • The apxs manpage, typically ServerRoot/man/man8/apxs.8

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