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header fields
    logging arbitrary request 
    logging arbitrary response 
    Status CGI response 
    debugging premature end of script 
    including in HTML files 
home page, setting something other than index.html as 
Host field, handling missing 
Host: header fields 
HostNameLookups directive  2nd 
    logging instead of IP addresses 
    turning directories into 
htdigest utility 
HTML files
    dynamic content 
    including CGI output 
    including headers and footers 
htpasswd utility 
    (secure) module, installing 
    access control 
HTTP status codes
    400 series status code 
    401 (unauthorized) code 
    403 Forbidden error  2nd  3rd 
        Deny directive and 
        open mail relay, preventing 
    404 Not Found error  2nd  3rd  4th 
        sent as 403 Forbidden instead 
        SSI directives and 
        using ErrorDocument to catch 
    405 status code (Method Not Allowed) 
    500 series status code 
    list of 
    various directive formats and 
HTTPS port 

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