Section 6.4. Action Items

6.4. Action Items

If you are considering creating an adult web site, or are already an adult webmaster, you should:

  • Understand legal issues surrounding adult web content

  • Work with a web hosting company specifically geared to adult sites

  • Understand the taxonomy of adult content niches

  • Create, commission, or license content, or obtain it from site sponsors

  • Provide content that caters to specific niches and interests

  • Forge relationships with a few good adult sponsors

  • Display ads from these sponsors that are relevant to your traffic

  • Get listings in adult directories

  • Consider advertising via the Google AdWords program to drive traffic

  • Syndicate one or more feeds based on your site content

  • Submit your syndication feeds to specialty adult feed aggregators

  • Create an initial (and subsequent) press release

  • Submit your press releases to adult-industry press release services

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