Here are the key points to remember from this chapter:

  • The wireless network configuration software built in to Windows XP might seem daunting, but it is really pretty simple to use.

  • There are many ways to get to the same wireless configuration windows.

  • No matter what wireless mobile laptop you have, Windows XP wireless configuration works in the same way.

  • To connect to a wireless network, you have to configure your computer with a name, and as part of a workgroup, as you would with a normal wired network.

  • The Network Connections window is organized so that you can perform the key tasks related to setting up networks.

  • The Network Tasks pane of the Network Connections window provides wizards (and other tools) for helping you with configuration tasks.

  • The Wireless Network Connection Properties window is the central command station for connecting to wireless networks.

  • If a wireless network is encrypted, and it doesn't automatically provide a key, you'll need to know the encryption key.

  • You should test your wireless connections by connecting to the Internet and your network.

  • It's easy to set your wireless connections for automatic connectionfor example, to your home or small office network.

  • Many settings are possible related to wireless networking; the most important are explained in this chapter, along with references to the places in this book you can learn more about them.

  • Don't worry, be happy! If you follow the directions in this chapter, you ll have no problems connecting to a wireless network.

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