Help with Network Tasks

Everything having to do with network settingsincluding wireless network settingsis controlled by the Network Connections dialog, shown in Figure 3.2. This dialog will provide you with help with almost all common network tasks.

Figure 3.2. The Network Connections dialog is used to configure network settings, including wireless networks.

To open the Network Connections dialog, double-click Network Connections in the Control Panel.


If the Control Panel is in Category View rather than Classic View, first click on the Network and Internet Connections link. Next, choose Network Connections from the Control Panel icons.

If you look at the Network Connections window (shown in Figure 3.2), you'll see a Network Tasks pane at its upper left. The items in this pane will vary depending on how your Centrino system is configured. In almost every case, you'll see Create a New Connection and Set Up a Home or Small Office Network links. Clicking these links will start wizardsincluding the New Connection Wizard and the Network Setup Wizardthat will walk you through the tasks involved.

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