Testing for Understanding

To test your understanding of IPv6 addressing, answer the following questions. See Appendix D, "Testing for Understanding Answers" to check your answers.

  1. Why is the IPv6 address length 128 bits?
  2. Define the Format Prefixes (FPs) for commonly used unicast addresses.
  3. Express FEC0:0000:0000:0001:02AA:0000:0000:0007A more efficiently.
  4. How many bits are expressed by "::" in the addresses 3341::1:2AA: 9FF:FE56:24DC and FF02::2?
  5. Describe the difference between unicast, multicast, and anycast addresses in terms of a host sending packets to zero or more interfaces.
  6. Why are no broadcast addresses defined for IPv6?
  7. Define the structure, including field sizes, of the aggregatable global unicast address.
  8. Define the scope for each of the different types of typically used unicast addresses.
  9. Explain how global and site-local addressing can share the same subnetting infrastructure within an organization.
  10. Define the structure, including field sizes, of the multicast address.
  11. Why does RFC 2373 recommend using only the last 32 bits of the IPv6 multicast address for the multicast group ID?
  12. Explain how the solicited-node multicast address acts as a pseudo-unicast address.
  13. How do routers know the nearest location of an anycast group member?
  14. Perform a 4-bit subnetting on the site-local prefix FEC0:0:0:3D80::/57.
  15. What is the IPv6 interface identifier for the universally administered, unicast IEEE 802 address of 0C-1C-09-A8-F9-CE? What is the corresponding link-local address? What is the corresponding solicited-node multicast address?
  16. What is the IPv6 interface identifier for the locally administered, unicast EUI-64 address of 02-00-00-00-00-00-00-09? What is the corresponding link-local address?
  17. What is the site-local scope multicast address corresponding to the Ethernet multicast MAC address of 33-33-00-0A-4F-11?
  18. For each type of address, identify how the address begins in colon hexadecimal notation.

Type of Address Begins with...

Link-local unicast address


Site-local unicast address

Global address

Multicast address

Link-local scope multicast address

Site-local scope multicast address

Solicited-node multicast address

IPv4-compatible address

IPv4-mapped address

6to4 address

Understanding IPv6
Understanding Ipv6
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