This chapter described refactoring as a technique for improving the quality, readability, and performance of previously written code.

We showed how the available refactorings may be triggered from Class Designer as well as from the code editor, and in that context clarified that Class Designer is equally accessible to the developer or the architect. As it is essentially a code restructuring technique, we demonstrated the majority of the refactoring directly in code listings.

We demonstrated how the Preview Changes dialog enables you to see the effect of a refactoring before committing to it, and you saw how references to refactored items would be corrected not only within the Visual Studio project but also across all referenced projects in the same language. Be aware, though, that while you can perform refactoring on code that does not even build, there's no guarantee that all references will be updated correctly in that case.

We acknowledged that other mechanisms are available to the developer for improving the quality of code — specifically, the code snippets feature. We demonstrated how code snippets and refactoring may be used in combination and we highlighted the role of the Code Snippets Manager in facilitating the creation and organization of code snippets.

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