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monitoring and managing microsoft exchange 2000 server
Chapter 3 - Management and Monitoring Tools
Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
by Mike Daugherty  
Digital Press 2001


Management and monitoring tools are required to perform data collection and health monitoring of Exchange components , including the hardware, operating system, Exchange processes, and supporting software. The Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server products come complete with all tools necessary to manage the Exchange environment. Many corporations successfully manage their Exchange environment using the standard Microsoft tools; however, the standard tools leave plenty of room for extension by third-party products, and many companies have augmented the standard tools with additional third-party products.

This chapter describes some of the standard Microsoft tools used for managing Exchange, as well as commonly used third-party products. Regardless of the set of tools you select to manage the Exchange environment, it is highly desirable where reasonable and cost-effective , to employ the same tools at all locations. This will allow the operational groups to leverage invested development and training time, share knowledge and skills, and provide backup for one another.

Using a common set of tools at all locations will also help minimize the number of agents and agent processes needed on the Exchange servers. Limiting the number of agents and agent processes will reduce server load, demand on the network, system complexity, and the risk of undesirable interaction between components.


Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server (HP Technologies)
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