Chapter 5. Numbers


    Section 5.1.  Checking Whether a String Is a Valid Number

    Section 5.2.  Storing a Larger Number in a Smaller Number

    Section 5.3.  Converting Numbers to Objects and Vice Versa

    Section 5.4.  Taking a Fraction of an Integer Without Using Floating Point

    Section 5.5.  Ensuring the Accuracy of Floating-Point Numbers

    Section 5.6.  Comparing Floating-Point Numbers

    Section 5.7.  Rounding Floating-Point Numbers

    Section 5.8.  Formatting Numbers

    Section 5.9.  Converting Between Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal

    Section 5.10.  Operating on a Series of Integers

    Section 5.11.  Working with Roman Numerals

    Section 5.12.  Formatting with Correct Plurals

    Section 5.13.  Generating Random Numbers

    Section 5.14.  Generating Better Random Numbers

    Section 5.15.  Calculating Trigonometric Functions

    Section 5.16.  Taking Logarithms

    Section 5.17.  Multiplying Matrices

    Section 5.18.  Using Complex Numbers

    Section 5.19.  Handling Very Large Numbers

    Section 5.20.  Program: TempConverter

    Section 5.21.  Program: Number Palindromes

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