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wait( )
    giving threads a chance at CPU time 
    synchronizing threads 
waitFor( ) (Process) 
WAR (Web ARchive) files, packaging servlets in 
warn( ) (Logger) 
wc (word count) program (Unix) 
web applet clients 
    converting filename to URL 
    deploying an applet 
    extracting HTML tags from URL 
    extracting URLs from a file 
    file indexer, making 
    link checker, automating 
    reading URL content 
    running CGI script 
    running JavaScript 
    server on applet host, contacting 
    showing new web page 
    URI, URL, or URN 
    writing an applet 
web applications 
web browsers  [See also browsers]
    classes in packages named java. or javax. 
web pages, embedding Java in 
web servers
    deploying applet JAR file on 
    Httpd class (socket server example) 
    securing with JSSE 
    WebServer0 class (example) 
web site, downloading and saving on hard disk 
web sites for this book 
Web, downloading applications over  [See JWS]
WebGain Visual Cafe IDE 
WebRowSet interface 
WebSphere Studio Application Developer 
    Eclipse and 
well-formed XML 
whitespace  [See also spaces]
    ignoring in pattern matching 
    leading and/or trailing spaces, trimming from strings 
    leading spaces, continuing lines with 
who program (Unix) 
width and height of text string, measuring 
Window class 
    dispose( ) 
WindowAdapter class 
WindowCloser class (example) 
windowClosing( ) (WindowListener) 
WindowConstants class 
WindowDemo class (example) 
windowed editors 
windowing systems
    centering main window on screen 
        displaying components 
        tab layout 
        window layout 
    program output, getting into window 
    terminating a program 
WindowListener interface 
    windowClosing( )  2nd 
    multi-window email implementation 
Windows systems
    canonical filenames 
    command arguments set off with slashes (/) 
    compiling C code into loadable object 
    conversion between Unicode characters and strings 
    DB databases 
    Event Log server 
    Find Files dialog 
    InstallShield (software installer) 
    Java, Windows, and Motif look and feel under 
    javaw command 
    Jikes compiler 
    KillProcess on Win32 
    kwrite program, running on 
    locale, setting 
    Netscape, running with Java (ExecDemoNS example) 
    network applications, asynchronous sockets 
    pop-up tooltips 
    registry access, commercial solution for 
    root directory, getting 
    system property, predefining value 
    time (epoch seconds) 
        CygWin or GnuWin32 package (grep program) 
        Java implementation 
        native code compilers (Visual C++) 
word count (wc) program (Unix) 
    assembling characters into 
    breaking strings apart as 
    extracting from input stream 
    in strings, reversing one at a time 
wrapper classes
    converting between int and Integer object 
    Float and Double
        overridden equals( ) method 
        values for infinity constants and NaN 
    implementing Comparable interface 
    Integer (for int value) 
    for numeric data types 
write( ) (XmlDocument) 
WriteBinary class (example) 
writeLock( ) (ReadWriteLock) 
writers  2nd  [See also input/output]
    FileWriter class 
    OutputStreamWriter class 
    binary data 
        with network client 
    DataStreams from C 
    different character set 
    files (FileOutputStream) package 
    to particular location in file 
    serialized object data with network client 
    to standard output 
    textual data with network client 
    threaded applications 


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