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X Windows
    windowing toolkits 
    XFree86 PostScript font renderer 
Xalan (XSLT processor) 
Xbase format databases 
Xcode IDE 
XDoclet tool 
XML  2nd 
    Ant program, build.xml file 
    class fields and methods, generating for 
    comments, syntax of 
    DTDs, verifying document structure with 
    generating with DOM 
    HTML vs. 
    Java APIs
        SAX and DOM 
    JNLP (Java Net Launch Protocol) description file 
    parsing with DOM 
        major DOM interfaces 
        XParse class (example) 
        XTW class (example) 
    parsing with SAX 
    processing instruction (<? ... ?>) 
    reading document with DOM and transforming to MIF 
    resources for further information 
    standards, changes in (web sites tracking) 
    transforming with XSLT 
XmlDocument class  2nd 
XMLReaderFactory class 
XP  [See Extreme Programming]
XParse class (example), parsing XML with DOM 
XSL (Extensible Style Language)
    people.xsl file (example) 
    XSL-FO (Formatted Objects) 


Java Cookbook
Java Cookbook, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596007019
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 409
Authors: Ian F Darwin

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