Chapter 18. Network Clients II: Applets and Web Clients


    Section 18.1.  Embedding Java in a Web Page

    Section 18.2.  Applet Techniques

    Section 18.3.  Contacting a Server on the Applet Host

    Section 18.4.  Making an Applet Show a Document

    Section 18.5.  Making an Applet Run JavaScript

    Section 18.6.  Making an Applet Run a CGI Script

    Section 18.7.  Reading the Contents of a URL

    Section 18.8.  URI, URL, or URN?

    Section 18.9.  Extracting HTML from a URL

    Section 18.10.  Extracting URLs from a File

    Section 18.11.  Converting a Filename to a URL

    Section 18.12.  Program: MkIndex

    Section 18.13.  Program: LinkChecker

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