Chapter 10. Input and Output


    Section 10.1.  Reading Standard Input

    Section 10.2.  Writing Standard Output

    Section 10.3.  Printing with the 1.5 Formatter

    Section 10.4.  Scanning a File with StreamTokenizer

    Section 10.5.  Scanning Input with the 1.5 Scanner Class

    Section 10.6.  Opening a File by Name

    Section 10.7.  Copying a File

    Section 10.8.  Reading a File into a String

    Section 10.9.  Reassigning the Standard Streams

    Section 10.10.  Duplicating a Stream as It Is Written

    Section 10.11.  Reading/Writing a Different Character Set

    Section 10.12.  Those Pesky End-of-Line Characters

    Section 10.13.  Beware Platform-Dependent File Code

    Section 10.14.  Reading "Continued" Lines

    Section 10.15.  Binary Data

    Section 10.16.  Seeking

    Section 10.17.  Writing Data Streams from C

    Section 10.18.  Saving and Restoring Java Objects

    Section 10.19.  Preventing ClassCastExceptions with SerialVersionUID

    Section 10.20.  Reading and Writing JAR or Zip Archives

    Section 10.21.  Reading and Writing Compressed Files

    Section 10.22.  Program: Text to PostScript

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