8.5 Summary


IP Security is a wonderful mechanism to protect data on a possibly insecure physical network. Used correctly, IPSec can protect data in a unique way that is simple and efficient. Its implementation is somewhat complex, as is its configuration through Group Policy. Wizards help with most of the common IPSec configuration tasks , which is a big benefit.

Plan to use IPSec carefully within your organization, remembering the impact IPSec can have on performance. Computers expected to carry a high load of IPSec traffic should be sized accordingly , with faster processors and additional memory. Dedicated IPSec-capable network adapters can also make high-volume IPSec usage more feasible . An Active Directory domain, while not a requirement, is a highly desirable means of centrally configuring your company's computers to use IPSec appropriately.

Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
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