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A records (Address records)
access control entries (ACEs)
access control lists (ACLs)
        accessing resources on client computers
        Active Directory objects and
        object security and
        setting up secure file shares
access tokens
account lockout policies
        controlling with Group Policy
        default security through GPOs
account logon events, auditing
account management functions, auditing
Account Policies
        default security through GPOs
        for domain users
        at OU level
ACEs (access control entries)
Ack message (DHCP)
ACLs [See access control lists]
ACRS (Automatic Certificate Request Settings)
Active Directory
        auditing management of
        authorizing DHCP servers
        benefits of
        benefits provided by Kerberos
        database for, stored in domain controllers
        delegation and
        deploying software with GPOs
        Group Policy and
        locating domain controllers in
       OUs (organizational units)
                delegating administrative tasks
                deploying GPOs
        providing security for objects
        security benefits of
        structural components of
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)
Active Directory-integrated DNS zones
        enabling secure dynamic updates
        restricting zone transfers
        setting permissions on
administration-based security mechanisms
administrative groups
Administrator account
        avoid using for routine tasks
administrator accounts, created for IT staff
Administrator group
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm
        configuring EFS with Group Policy
AH (Authenticated Header) protocol 2nd
Allow Anonymous SID/ Name Translation setting, disabling
        DHCP logs
        security settings
anonymous SAM enumeration, disallowing
anonymous share enumeration, disallowing
APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing)
Application Directory Partition
archived private keys, restoring
archiving certificates and private keys 2nd
<Emphasis>The Art of Deception<Default Para Font>
ASP (Active Server Pages)
        security risks with
        supported by IIS
ASP.NET, supported by IIS
.asp/.aspx files, preprocessed by DLL files
assets, protecting
asymmetric algorithms
asymmetric keys
attachments in email
        refrain from opening
        use caution when opening
        brute force
        bucket brigade
        denial-of-service [See denial-of-service attacks]
                LM passwords and
        forensic evidence of, provided by log files
        made via medical office update software
        man in the middle 2nd
        network footprinting 2nd
        opportunities for, in DHCP
        spoofing 2nd 3rd
        on wireless networks
        account management functions
        Active Directory management
                for CA (certificate authority)
                for domain controllers
                Event Log and audit failure behavior
                with Group Policy
        DHCP activity
        DNS activity
        honey pots, setting up
        how it works
        implementing policies
        issued certificates
        overriding settings
Authenticated Header (AH) protocol 2nd
authentication 2nd
        and accounting
        using biometrics
        for dial-in users, setting up remote access
        by Kerberos, for Active Directory
        performed by IIS
        proxy 2nd
        supported by IIS
        of users by domain controllers
authentication protocols for Windows Server 2003 2nd
authenticators and smart cards
autoenrollment , configuring for Windows XP 2nd
Automatic Certificate Request Settings (ACRS)
Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)
automatic trusts (Active Directory)
Automatic Update
        policy settings for
automatically issuing certificates


Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
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