Key Learnings for a Luncheon Presentation


  • Keep it brief—thirty minutes at most. Brevity is blessed; length can be a bore.

  • Find a story to serve as evidence for your viewpoint. If it’s good, it will be the centerpiece of your talk.

  • Make the story come alive for your listeners

    • By establishing place and time.

    • By using action and dialogue.

    • By re-creating the feelings/emotions the story evoked in you.


  • Bore your audience with too many facts and statistics.

  • Let the audiovisual staff run your show. Turn the lights up as bright as you can, so that you are displayed better.

  • Hide behind the lectern. Get out front. Be dynamic.

  • Use a handheld mike or lectern mike. Unless you’re Phil Donahue or the president of the United States, a hands-free, cordless lavaliere is the only way to go.

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