Writing a book is never a singular effort, and this one certainly required the help from a group of exceptionally qualified people. In particular, I'd like to give special recognition to my reviewers, Mark, Ted, Stephano, and Maurice, for their technical critique of this book. Thanks for your unique spin on many of the concepts in this book.

The Cisco Press editorial team, including John Kane, Raina Han, and Betsey Henkels, has also been a huge factor in the successful completion of this book. Thanks for your countless e-mails and phone calls during every stage of writing this book. It has been a pleasure and honor working on this project with Cisco Press.

Thanks to my friends at Cisco for help with ideas early on in the book's development; Haroon Khan for the CDM screenshots; and Tim Forehand, Jamund Ferguson, and Brooke Collins from RealNetworks for their time and effort spent on making the RealMedia portion of this book happen.

I and Cisco Press would also like to thank Niraj Jain and Ted Grevers for their contributions to the book.

Content Networking Fundamentals
Content Networking Fundamentals
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