List of Case Studies

Chapter 2: What Sets Excellent Consulting Apart?

Case Study 2.1: Customers Driving Local Services
Case Study 2.2: Reinventing A Core Offer
Case Study 2.3: How to Build a New Digital City Every Two Years

Chapter 3: Change Management

Case Study 3.1: Living the Brand - For Real
Case Study 3.2: Delivering Safer Buses
Case Study 3.3: Electronic Payments for 13 Million Citizens

Chapter 4: Human Resources

Case Study 4.1: Protecting the Benefits of Staff in Transition
Case Study 4.2: Diagnosing and Treating Workforce Ailments
Case Study 4.3: Standing Down, Moving Forward

Chapter 5: Operational Performance

Case Study 5.1: Blue Skies, Blue Bills and Online Breakthroughs
Case Study 5.2: Smarter Methods to Beat Constraints
Case Study 5.3: Relocating the Organization and Redesigning its Mind
Case Study 5.4: Bringing Rationality to Bear

Chapter 6: Business Strategy

Case Study 6.1: Changing People for a Change
Case Study 6.2: Releasing the Future from the Present

Chapter 7: Technology Exploitation

Case Study 7.1: Closing the Net on Persistent Offenders
Case Study 7.2: Great Journeys and Small Steps
Case Study 7.3: Mobile Technology as Enabler and Enforcer
Case Study 7.4: When Small Businesses Go Global

Chapter 8: Outsourcing

Case Study 8.1: Evolving the Outsourcing Market
Case Study 8.2: Outsourcing for Outcomes
Case Study 8.3: Gearing Up For Renewed Battle

Chapter 9: Electronic Trading

Case Study 9.1: Pioneering Multi-Channel Voting
Case Study 9.2: Collaborating Systems Drive Down Costs
Case Study 9.3: A Knowledge Portal Helps Close the Deprivation Gap
Case Study 9.4: Flow, Streams and the Erosion of Resistance

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