Chapter 8. Promotion and E-Commerce


    Recipe 8.1.  Turning Site Traffic into Loyal Visitors and Customers

    Recipe 8.2.  Creating an Effective Landing Page

    Recipe 8.3.  Creating a Favicon

    Recipe 8.4.  Forcing a Secure Connection

    Recipe 8.5.  Creating a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

    Recipe 8.6.  Disabling a Form Submit Button After the First Click

    Recipe 8.7.  Creating Complex Select Menus with optgroup

    Recipe 8.8.  Protecting Your Site from Fraud

    Recipe 8.9.  Generating Income from Traffic and Content

    Recipe 8.10.  Tracking and Blocking Visitors Based on Their IP Numbers

    Recipe 8.11.  Soliciting Donations and Contributions

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