recommended books

There are so many great design books coming out all the time. Here are a few that have helped and inspired me.

Tibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist

by Tibor Kalman, et al.

Before I bought this book, its vibe kind of bugged me I don't know, maybe the cover, maybe the feeling of " members only" that I sometimes get around the NYC design community who's who whatever. But let me say that I regret waiting so long to buy it. This man Tibor Kalman didn't really design "pretty pictures" he designed brilliant concepts, commentaries, ideas, inspirations, provocations, and subversions. This book is packed with so many amazing ideas from Tibor and his company M&Co, it makes my heart beat a little faster every time I open it. Not without its contradictions and annoyances, but anyone willing to push envelopes this way is willing to make a fool of himself. I hope one day to have this kind of courage.


by David Carson and Phillip B. Meggs

I know a lot of designers who don't have much good to say about Carson, but like him or not, he's a major innovator. His work is everywhere and has inspired every designer I know, at some point or another. This book is beautiful; I draw inspiration from it constantly.

Designagent Km7: License to Design

by Klaus Mai, et al.

Great book for us Flash and FreeHand/Illustrator vector people. Great style and plenty of inspiration. I consult this book for ideas all the time.

I Am Almost Always Hungry

by Abraham Cahan

Well way back when I was just hired as a contractor at Macromedia I was invited, for some reason, to the offices of Cahan and Associates to discuss the annual report they were designing for Macromedia. At the time, I could barely grasp the concept of e-mail, let alone corporate design, so I just sat there intimidated and silent. But I was so impressed by the process I witnessed that I decided to follow this firm's work and I was psyched to see this book out. I bought it immediately and have not been disappointed.

Type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics

by Jeff Bellantoni and Matt Woolman

This is a book I sent to Todd Purgason when he agreed, thank God, to design my book. Beautiful motion graphics work displayed in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Bill Viola

by David A. Ross, et al.

Bill Viola is a video artist hero of mine. If you get a chance to see any of his work you should not miss the opportunity. This book is visually stimulating, but it's a book that I can read like a good novel . The interviews with Viola are wonderful, his concepts and inspirations are revealed, and the resulting work suddenly glows with new meaning.

Paul Rand

by Steven Heller, et al.

Like Saul Bass, Paul Rand represents a major figure in graphic design. The body of work displayed in this book is awe-inspiring.

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