STEP 09 the fade and FLOAT OUT

For the fade and float out, follow these steps:

  1. Create a third keyframe (using the keyboard shortcut F6) just slightly prior to the audio phrase ending.

  2. Create a fourth and final keyframe 20 frames after the third keyframe.

  3. Reposition the final text element to the right by a small amount (approximately 7 pixels) by selecting the text object and then pressing the right arrow key (7 times) to move the element horizontally to the right. If you use the mouse to drag the object, you might position the text slightly up or down and the "floating to one side" illusion will be altered .

  4. While the final keyframe is selected, choose Modify > Instance to open the Instance Properties dialog.

  5. On the Color Effect tab, reduce the Alpha to 12 and close the dialog.

  6. Select any frame between the third and fourth keyframes and choose Insert > Create Motion Tween (see figure 07:18).

    Figure 07:18.


The text will now float to one side, fading as it goes.

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