STEP 01 one-stop CAPTURE

STEP 01 one-stop CAPTURE

Other capture cards will work, but most of them use JPEG compression and, unless you go for the higher-priced cards, the quality, in my experience, isn't as good.

I achieved two goals by recording Christina with my digital video camera: First, because I've got a decent microphone on my camera, I got a pretty good audio track, and second, I also captured visual imagery I was able to later incorporate in the spot.

Because I captured the audio and video together, it was necessary for me to bring them both into Premiere and export the audio as a separate track. Then, using methods previously described in Chapter 4, Navigation, I selected the relevant video frames as bitmaps.

Exporting the audio in Premiere is pretty straightforward:

  1. In Premiere, open your video clip by choosing File > Open . The clip appears in the monitor window as shown in figure 07:01.

    Figure 07:01.


  2. Choose File > Export and select Audio from the drop- down menu (see figure 07:02).

    Figure 07:02.


  3. The Export Audio palette will appear. Name your file and select the Settings tab to change any of the settings for the file.

    From my file, I exported the entire project at 44k, 16-bit stereo (see figure 07:03)the rule being to start with the highest quality audio possible and apply compression later.

    Figure 07:03.


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