<cfmail to = "recipient"          from = "sender"          cc = "copy_to"          bcc = "blind_copy_to"          subject = "msg_subject"          type = "msg_type"          maxRows = "max_msgs"          MIMEAttach = "path"          query = "query_name"          group = "query_column"          groupCaseSensitive = "Yes" or "No"          startRow = "query_row"          server = "servername"          port = "port_ID"          mailerID = "headerid"          timeout = "seconds">          spoolEnable = "Yes" or "No">          ...  </cfmail> 


Sends an email message that can contain query output or that can be hard coded using an Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. An SMTP server must be specified in the ColdFusion Administrator for this tag to work.


to (Required)

Message recipient name.

from (Required)

Email message sender.

cc (Optional)

Address to which to copy the message.

bcc (Optional)

Address to which to send a blind copy of the message. This message recipient is not listed in the message.

subject (Required)

Message subject, which can be set dynamically or hard-coded.

type (Optional)

Used to create a message that is not plain text, such as an HTML formatted message.

maxRows (Optional)

Maximum number of messages to send.

MIMEAttach (Optional)

If you would like to send an attachment with the e-mail, use this attribute to create a path to that file.

query (Optional)

Name of CFQUERY to use data from for the message. Use this attribute to send more than one message or to send query results within a message.

group (Optional)

Default: CurrentRow

Query column to use when you group sets of records to send as a message.

groupCaseSensitive (Optional)

Default: Yes. If there is case-sensitive data, use this attribute or set to No to keep the record intact.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. Row in a query from which to start.

server (Optional)

Used to override the value for an SMTP server that is set in the

ColdFusion Administrator.


Default: -1. TCP/IP port on which SMTP server listens for requests. This is normally port 25.

mailerID (Optional)

Default: ColdFusion Application Server. Mailer ID to be passed in X-Mailer SMTP header, which identifies the mailer application.

timeout (Optional)

Default: -1. Number of seconds to wait before timing out the connection to the SMTP server.

spoolEnable (Optional)

Default: Yes

  • Yes. Saves a copy of the message until the sending operation is complete.

  • No. Queues the message for sending, without storing a copy until the operation is complete. Use this option is performance is a concern.

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