<cfindex           collection = "collection_name"           action = "action"           type = "type"           title = "title"           key = "ID"           body = "body"           custom1 = "custom_value"           custom2 = "custom_value"           URLpath = "URL"           extensions = "file_extensions"           query = "query_name"           recurse = "Yes" or "No"           language = "language"> 


Used in conjunction with other Verity search engine tags, such as CFCOLLECTION, to create indexed data for a collection. For this tag to work, a collection must exist. To learn more about creating collections, see the CFCOLLECTION tag.


collection (Required) Collection name. For unregistered collections, use an absolute path such as collection = "c:\collections\exampleCollection".

action (Optional)

  • update. Updates a collection and adds a key to the index.

  • delete. Deletes data in the entities specified by the type attribute.

  • purge. Deletes all keys from a collection.

  • refresh. Purges a collection before updating it.

type (Optional)

  • default. Custom if the query attribute is specified. If not, then file.

  • file. Uses filenames or file paths to apply the action using the key attribute value of the query result.

  • path. Uses filenames or file paths that pass the extension filter to apply the action using the key attribute value of the query result.

  • custom. If action = "update" or "delete", then it applies the action to custom entities in the query results.

title (Required if type = "Custom")

Title for the collection.

Enables collections to be searched by title or key.

key (Depends on action attribute value)

Default: ""(empty string)

Absolute path if type = "file"

Absolute path if type = "path"

A query column name (typically, the primary key column name) if type = "custom"

Query column name if type = any other value.

This attribute is required for the actions listed unless you intend for its value to be an empty string.

body (Required if type = "custom")

Text to index. This can be a column name if there is a query specified.

custom1 (Optional)

Custom field that can be used to store data during an indexing operation.

custom2 (Optional)

Same as custom1.

URLpath (Optional)

If type="file" or "path", specifies the URL path. This path name is prefixed to the filenames when using CFSEARCH.

extensions (Optional)

Default: HTM, HTML, CFM, CFML, DBM, DBML. Delimited list of file extensions that ColdFusion uses to index files if type = "Path". "*". returns files with no extension.

query (Optional)

Query against which collection is generated.

recurse (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes and if type = "path", then the directories below the path specified in the key are included in the indexing operation.

language (Optional)

Default: english. Requires the appropriate (European or Asian) Verity Locales language pack.

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