So let's get one thing straight right from the start: You're no dummy, and this isn't a book for dummies. Just because you weren't born with an intrinsic knowledge of computer operating systems doesn't give anyone the right to call you an idiot, dummy, dimwit, or otherwise insult your intelligence. One can fit only so much information into the human noodle.

Anyway, that's the long version; that's what I want to tell people who ask me about this book I'm writing. Instead, the conversations go something like this:


THEM: …writing a computer book? Cool. So what's it about?

ME: Windows XP, especially about Service Pack 2.

THEM: Oh yeah? Is it like one of those books for dummies?

ME: Not really.

No, it's not. This book is not for simpletons, and neither are computers. Operating systems are relatively complex tools, certainly more so than a toaster. The book is in no way "dumbed down." Rather, it assumes you are both a) smart, and b) busy. This book allows users to quickly find information about what makes Windows tick, and it shows you ways to use the operating system in ways that will help you not think about using the operating system. I'll say this throughout: the topics will help you work with your computer, not on your computer.

The information herein is presented in a straightforward manner, using plain, concise language. Technical concepts are discussed, yes, but technical knowledge is not required. Where necessary, I include important background information so that you'll know not only which buttons to click, but also what's going on "under the hood." For example, if I were relaying instructions about how to change your oil, I would of course include a brief explanation of why this is beneficial. In other words, I'm trying to give the topics their proper context, which will ultimately aid in your ability to understand and perform the task at hand.

Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
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