Share Your Internet Favorites

Sometimes, you want to be able to send your list of saved Internet Favoritesaka Bookmarksto another person in your network. Many times, that "other person" is you. For example, say you're doing Internet research on a desktop computer and have several useful sites saved in your Favorites. Now you're going out in the field for a few days, but still want those same Favorites available from your laptop.

Fortunately, this can be done with a minimum of effort. Follow these steps:


Create a share on the source computer (the system whose Favorites you want to share).


From an IE window, choose File | Import and Export… to launch the Import and Export Wizard.


Click Next, and then choose Export Favorites, (see Figure 12-23). Click Next again.

Figure 12-23. Exporting your Internet Explorer favorites.


In the ensuing dialog box, choose which favorites to export. You can select all of your favorites or just a folder's worth that pertains to your research. Click Next.


Now, choose the shared location where the favorites will be stored and click Next again. Click Finish to start the export process.

Now, at the target computer, simply reverse this process. Open an IE window, choose File | Import and Export…, and then select the "Import Favorites" option.

Once this is complete, you won't have to manually re-create the shortcuts at two (or more) computers. Such a task would be tedious process at best, even if you could recall all the sites you created Bookmarks for in the first place.

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