Chapter Eleven. Preflight and Output

As you work on a publication, you'll probably print several proofs to one or more desktop printers before the publication is completed. After you've added the final touches and the publication is ready for final output, you or your print service provider will print the finished document, probably using a high-resolution printer. If you're producing a color publication that will be printed on a printing press, final output means printing color separations that will be used to print the document on-press.

One of the main advantages of page layout software is that it lets you view publications onscreen before you print them. However, displaying a publication onscreen and printing it are very different processes. InDesign includes several features for troubleshooting potential printing problems before they occur, as well as an abundance of print-related controls that help ensure you get the results you want when you print a document.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to preview color separations onscreen, how to preflight a document before you print it to identify potential problems, and how to gather all the files required to print a document. You'll also learn how to export documents as PDF and use PDF presets to streamline PDF export, as well as how to export InDesign objects, pages, and documents for use in other InDesign documents and other media. Finally, you'll learn how to print documents and use print presets to save time and ensure consistent results.

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