WebDAV Tries to Use Server Extensions


When I try to publish with WebDAV, I get a message telling me that the remote Web server doesn't appear to have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. Does WebDAV require the FrontPage Server Extensions?

No. As a matter of fact, if the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed, FrontPage won't let you publish with WebDAV. If you are getting this message, it is usually caused by a permissions problem on the remote Web server.

You'll usually see a message inside the error dialog box that will tell you the error code from the Web server. If it's a 403.# or a 401.#, it's almost certainly a permissions problem. In either case, check with the host. They should be able to correct the problem.

FTP Publish Isn't Working

I am publishing using FTP. FrontPage said that my Web site was published successfully, but I don't see any of my changes when I browse to my Web site.

This is most likely caused by an incorrect entry for the FTP directory when you are publishing. Check with your host and make sure that you are entering the correct directory. To avoid any confusion later, make sure to remove the files from the incorrect directory after you successfully publish your Web site.

HTML Optimization Doesn't Change Anything

I have set up some HTML optimizations, but after I copy my files to the remote Web server, I don't see any change. Is this a bug?

It's not a bug. HTML Optimizations are only applied when you publish a site. If you choose to copy a single file or a group of files, that isn't actually publishing. In order for HTML optimizations to work, you have to set publish options and click the Publish Web Site button or use the File, Publish Site menu option in FrontPage.

Changed Files Aren't Published

I have selected to publish changed pages only, but when my Web site is published, FrontPage isn't publishing my changed files.

The most common cause of this is metadata that is out-of-date. To correct the problem, open the local Web site and select Tools, Recalculate Hyperlinks. This will refresh the metadata.

Unable to View Publish Log

I have successfully published, but when I try to view my publish log, I keep getting strange errors.

The Publish Log is actually an HTML file that FrontPage saves to the Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer before displaying it. The Temporary Internet Files folder has a limit on the number of files it can contain, and when that limit is reached, strange errors can occur.

Open Internet Explorer and select Tools, Internet Options and click the General tab. Click the Delete Files button and then click OK. Internet Explorer will remove all of your temporary files. It might take a while, but it should correct your problem.

Published Changes Aren't Visible

I just finished publishing and it was successful. However, when I browse to, I don't see my new content. What's going on?

This can be caused by having multiple home pages on your site. For example, say that your hosting company created your Web site for you and it had a page in it called index.htm, which is the home page. When you browse to, it will display the index.htm page because it's the home page.

Now let's say that your local Web site uses Default.htm for the home page. When you publish, FrontPage will leave the existing index.htm on the remote server because there is no conflict with it and files in the local Web site. If the Web server is configured to recognize index.htm first as the home page, even after a successful page, you'll still get index.htm when you browse to your Web site.

The solution is to open the site in FrontPage and check to see which page displays the house icon indicating that it is the home page. You might need to delete or rename an incorrect home page.

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