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everyone needs a mentor: fostering talent in your organisation
Everyone Needs a Mentor: Fostering Talent in Your Organisation
by David Clutterbuck ISBN:1843980541
CIPD Enterprises 2004 (190 pages)

Mentoring is the most cost-efficient and sustainable method of developing talent within an organization. This book shows how set up, run and maintain a mentoring program, from selecting and matching mentors and mentees to measuring results.

Table of Contents
Everyone Needs a Mentor—Fostering Talent in Your Organisation, 4th Edition
Part 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 - The What and Why of Mentoring
Part 2 - Establishing a Mentoring Programme
Chapter 2 - Models and Methods Of Mentoring
Chapter 3 - How Formal Should The Mentoring Programme Be?
Chapter 4 - Making the Case for Mentoring
Chapter 5 - What Makes an Effective Mentor, an Effective Mentee?
Chapter 6 - Matching Mentors and Mentees
Chapter 7 - Setting Up The Mentoring Programme
Part 3 - Managing Mentoring Programmes and Relationships
Chapter 8 - Beginning the Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 9 - Standards for Mentoring Programmes
Chapter 10 - Peer and Reverse Mentoring
Chapter 11 - Phases of the Mentoring Relationship
Chapter 12 - Problems of Mentoring Programmes and Relationships
Part 4 - Specific Mentoring Issues
Chapter 13 - Graduate Mentoring
Chapter 14 - Diversity Mentoring
Chapter 15 - Executive Mentoring
Chapter 16 - E-mentoring
Part 5 - Conclusion
Chapter 17 - Final Issues
Appendix 1 - The Evolution of Modern Mentoring
Appendix 2 - Making the Business Case
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