Chapter 17. Linux and Real Time

In this chapter

  • What Is Real Time? page 446

  • Kernel Preemption page 449

  • Real-Time Kernel Patch page 453

  • Debugging the Real-Time Kernel page 460

  • Chapter Summary page 467

When Linux began life on an Intel i386 processor, no one ever expected the success Linux would enjoy in server applications. That success has led to Linux being ported to many different architectures and used by developers for embedded systems from cellular handsets to telecommunications switches. Not long ago, if your application had real-time requirements, you might not have included Linux among the choices for your operating system. That has all changed with the developments in real-time Linux driven, in large part, by audio and multimedia applications.

In this chapter, we start with a brief look at the historical development of real-time Linux features. Then we look at the facilities available to the real-time programmer and how these facilities are used.

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