Section 47. Edit Text

47. Edit Text


4 Use Attributes and Values

6 About Proper HTML Coding


9 Add and Format Text

25 Add Text and Graphics to the Page

43 Add Text and Links

44 Add Structure to Your Text

45 Add Color to Your Text

46 Change Text Sizes and Styles

Editing text is much the same as a word processor.

Select a Word in the Headline and Type

The text in the headline changes to what you typed.

Select Some Text and Press the Delete Key

The text is deleted, but the paragraphs are not merged and the format of each of the remaining pieces of text is not changed. If you were to do the same thing in a normal word processor, you would be left with one paragraph and one style.

Select Undo from the Edit Menu

You can undo multiple times. Each time you select Undo , the last action you performed is undone, and then the action previous to that, and so on. All the typing you do at one time is considered one action, so it will be undone as one action.

Save Your File

Save your file so you can use it in the next task.

47. Edit Text

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