Chapter 4. Getting Started Building Web Pages on GeoCities


20 Explore GeoCities

21 Sign Up for Services

22 Use Yahoo! PageWizards to Create a Page

23 Edit Your Page

Making a website on Yahoo!'s GeoCities is about the easiest way to get on the Web anyone could imagine. The basic service is free, but your site will show advertisements that GeoCities puts up on your site. If you don't want advertisements, you have options of upgrading to one of three services with fees from $5 to $11 or more per month, depending on the features you want to use.

GeoCities is one of many free hosting services from companies on the Web. GeoCities has a great range of features available for you to use to build free websites and has a very easy path to upgrade to one of several paid services that enable you to add features to your account, such as FTP access for uploading files, multiple email accounts, and domain hosting.

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