Section 83. Magnify Your Work

83. Magnify Your Work


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80 Zoom In and Out with the Zoom Tool

81 Zoom In and Out with the Overview Palette

Some changes you'll want to make to an image will involve working in a small confined area. For example, perhaps you want to remove a small mole or other distraction from a person's face. To do that, you can use the Clone tool, but what if you can't see the area you want to fix all that clearly? You could zoom in, of course, but it might be nice to be able to view the changes as you make them, using a more zoomed-out view. Of course, there's always the Overview palette and its small image thumbnail, but your tiny changes might not be noticeable in that window. What you need is the ability to quickly zoom in on your work while still maintaining the big-picture view of your changes. To accomplish this task, you use the Magnifier palette.

Display the Magnifier Palette

Choose View, Magnifier from the menu bar or press Ctrl+Alt+M .

Magnify the Work Area

Move the mouse pointer anywhere over the image to magnify the area directly beneath the pointer.

83. Magnify Your Work

Change the Zoom

Change the zoom level of the Magnifier palette by pressing Ctrl+plus to zoom in or Ctrl+minus to zoom out.

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