Section 7.3. References

7.3. References

Here's a list of the most important RFCs and drafts mentioned in this chapter. Sometimes I list additional subject-related RFCs for your personal further study.

7.3.1. RFCs

  • RFC 2149, "Multicast Server Architectures for MARS-based ATM multicasting," 1997

  • RFC 2464, "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks," 1998

  • RFC 2467, "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over FDDI Networks," 1998

  • RFC 2470, "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Token Ring Networks," 1998

  • RFC 2472, "IP Version 6 over PPP," 1998

  • RFC 2491, "IPv6 over Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (NBMA) networks," 1999

  • RFC 2492, "IPv6 over ATM Networks," 1999

  • RFC 2590, "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Frame Relay Networks Specification," 1999

  • RFC 3162, "Radius and IPv6," 2001

  • RFC 3633, "IPv6 Prefix Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) version 6," 2003

  • RFC 3717, "IP over Optical Networks: A Framework," 2004

  • RFC 3769, "Requirements for IPv6 Prefix Delegation," 2004

  • RFC 4135, "Goals of Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6," 2005

  • RFC 4282, "The Network Access Identifier," 2005

  • RFC 4338, "Transmission of IPv6, IPv4, and Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Packets over Fibre Channel," 2006

7.3.2. Drafts

Drafts can be found at To locate the latest version of a draft, refer to You can enter the draft name without a version number, and the most current version will come up. If a draft does not show up, it was either deleted or published as an RFC. Alternatively, you can go to the new Internet drafts database interface at is also a very useful site. More information on the process of standardization, RFCs, and drafts can be found in Appendix A.

Here's a list of drafts that I refer to in this chapter, Along with interesting drafts that are related to the topics in this chapter.

  • draft-shin-ipv6-ieee802.16-02.txt, Scenarios and Considerations of IPv6 in IEEE 802.16 Networks

  • draft-ietf-dna-link-information-03.txt, Link-layer Event Notifications for Detecting Network Attachments

  • draft-ietf-dna-cpl-02.txt, DNA with unmodified routers: Prefix list based approach

  • draft-ietf-dna-hosts-02.txt, Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6Best Current Practices for hosts

  • draft-ietf-dna-routers-02.txt, Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6Best Current Practices for Routers

  • draft-ietf-dna-frd-00.txt, Fast Router Discovery with L2 support

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