Section 22. Access Router Configuration

22. Access Router Configuration


About Configuring the Wireless Router

To configure the wireless router, you must access the router. You do this from the computer that is directly connected to the wireless router by a network cable. After the initial configuration, you can later access the router using the computer's web browser, such as Internet Explorer.

After you access the router, it makes sense to turn on WiFi access so that computers on the network can connect to the WiFi router's access point. It also makes sense to allow SSID broadcasts (the WiFi network name is broadcast by the router), which makes it easier for you to configure the WiFi-enabled computers that will connect to the router's access point.


Although network security might not be one of your major worries in relation to your home network, it is definitely a "best practice" to turn off SSID broadcasts after the WiFi network is up and running. See turn Off Server Set IDs (SSIDs) Broadcasts for information on how to turn off SSID broadcasts.

Access Router Configuration

Enter URL for Wireless Router

In your web browser (such as Internet Explorer), type the URL provided by your wireless router manufacturer (look in the quickstart documentation that came with the router) in the Address text box and click Go. A security dialog box opens.

Enter Username and Password

Enter the username and the password provided in your router documentation (again, you will probably find this information in the quickstart materials shipped with the router). Click OK.The router manager window opens in the browser window.


If you want to make it easier to connect to the router in the future, select the Remember my password check box in the security dialog box.

Enable Wireless Access and SSID Broadcast

Select the Wireless Settings option on your WiFi router's configuration page. For my Netgear WiFi router, I click Wireless Settings under the Advanced heading on the left side of the browser window. I then click Enable Wireless Router Radio and Enable SSID Broadcast to turn on WiFi networking and to allow the WiFi router to broadcast the network SSID. The names of the options you choose might vary depending on the configuration software and WiFi router you are using, but you should definitely enable these two settings, whatever they're called, at this point.


You will find that the web pages used to access the wireless router's configuration are fairly similar regardless of what brand of router you are using. The interface is typically simple and easy to work with as you configure or monitor the router.

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