Using the Spell Checker

After you spend a lot of time designing a publication, you will want to print a hard copy of the final product. But first you should make sure that all the errors in the publication have been found and that you have checked the overall design of the publication. Publisher offers several tools that enable you to fine-tune your publication.

The Spelling feature checks your documents for misspellings and typos, and it displays each suspect word in the Spelling dialog box. You can choose to replace the word with a suggested correct spelling, ignore the word, or correct the misspelling yourself.

To use the Spelling feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select a text box that you want to spell check.

  2. Select Tools , and then select Spelling (or click the Spelling button on the Standard toolbar).

  3. The Check Spelling dialog box appears (see Figure 10.1). The first suspect word (a word considered misspelled ) appears in the Not in Dictionary box. To correct the word, choose one of the following:

    • Select the correct spelling in the Suggestions box and then click Change .

    • To change all occurrences of the word to the new spelling, click Change All .

    • To ignore the word (in cases where the word is correctly spelled), click Ignore (click Ignore All to ignore all occurrences of the word).

    • If you want to add the word to the dictionary file so that it will not be flagged as misspelled in the future, click Add .

    Figure 10.1. The Check Spelling dialog box offers you several options for a flagged word.


  4. After you make your selection, the next flagged word is shown in the Not in Dictionary box. Correct other suspected misspellings as needed. When the current text box is completed, the Speller lets you know that the current "story" has been checked, and a dialog box appears asking if you want to continue checking the publication. Click Yes to correct the rest of the publication or No to stop spell checking with the currently selected text box.


Check All the Text Boxes at Once If you want to automatically check all the text in the publication (all text boxes), click the Check All Stories check box in the Check Spelling dialog box.

You probably already noticed that Publisher actually flags suspected misspellings as you type (as do all the Office applications). A wavy red line appears under the flagged word. You can choose to correct a flagged misspelling without running the Spell Checker. Right-click the word and select a correct spelling from the list provided on the shortcut menu that appears.

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