Setting Options in Word

When you work in Word, you are probably going to create letters and envelopes for mailings . One of the options related to Word that you will want to set up is your user information. This way, the return address on any letters and envelopes you create with Word are inserted automatically into certain documents.

Another set of options that you might want to customize in Word are the options related to the Spelling and Grammar Checker. For example, you might want to customize the types of things that are automatically flagged by the Spelling and Grammar Checker when you run these features in Word.

To customize some of the Word options, follow these steps:

  1. In Word, select Tools and then select Options to open the Options dialog box.

  2. Click the User Information tab on the Options dialog box (see Figure 6.2).

    Figure 6.2. Provide your name and address on the User Information tab.


  3. If necessary, type your name into the Name box on the User Information tab. Type your address into the Mailing Address box. That takes care of the User Information tab.

  4. To set options related to the Spelling and Grammar features, click the Spelling & Grammar tab (see Figure 6.3).

    Figure 6.3. Set Spelling and Grammar options on the Spelling & Grammar tab.


  5. Check boxes are provided that allow you to check spelling as you type or to hide any typing errors in the document (by default, typing errors are flagged as you type with a red underscore ). You can also determine whether you want the Spelling feature to ignore uppercase words, words with numbers , and Internet and file addresses. Select or deselect check boxes as needed.

  6. Use the Grammar box on the Spelling & Grammar tab to set options such as Check Grammar As You Type. You can also set whether the grammar in the document is checked whenever you run the Spelling and Grammar Checker (select Check Grammar with Spelling ).

  7. When you have finished setting options on the two Options dialog box tabs discussed in these steps, click OK to close the Options dialog box. If you don't want any of your changes to take effect, click Cancel .

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