Inserting and Deleting Fields

You can also insert and delete fields in the Table Datasheet view. This allows you to quickly enter the data into a new field or delete an unneeded field. It is preferable, however, to insert new fields into the table in the Design view and then enter data. This is because you will eventually have to switch to Table Design view to specify the data type or other properties of the new field (Lesson 5, "Editing a Table's Structure," covered inserting and deleting fields in the Design view).

To insert a field, follow these steps:

  1. Select the existing field column in which you want to insert the new field. The new field column is inserted to the left of the currently selected field column.

  2. Select Insert, Column . The new column appears in the table (see Figure 7.3).

    Figure 7.3. New field columns can be added to the table in the Datasheet view.


  3. To name the new field, double-click the field heading (such as Field1) and type the new name for the field.

  4. Enter data into the new field as needed.

Deleting a field or fields is also very straightforward. Remember, however, that deleting a field also deletes any data that you have entered into that field. Select the field that you want to delete and then select Edit, Delete Column . You are asked to verify the deletion of the field. If you're sure, click Yes .

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