Inserting New Records

As your customer base increases or other new data becomes available for your database, you will definitely be adding records to the various tables in the database. New records are inserted automatically. As soon as you begin to enter data into a record, a new blank record appears at the bottom of the table.


Quickly Go to the Bottom of the Table Using the New Record Button As you enter records a new, blank record is automatically created at the bottom of the table for you. However, you can use the New Record Button on the toolbar to move from anywhere in the table (such as in an existing record) to the bottom of the table and a blank new record.

This process is re-created every time you complete a record and then start a new record. Inserting information into the first field of the new record inserts another new record below the one you are working on.

You can't insert new records between existing ones or at the top of the table. New records are always entered at the bottom of the table, below the last completed record.


What If I Want the Records in a Different Order? Although you can enter new records only at the bottom of the table, you can rearrange the order of your records if you want. This can be done using the sorting feature discussed in Lesson 15, "Creating a Simple Query."

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