Using the Office Clipboard

You can use the Office Clipboard to store multiple items that you cut or copy from an Excel worksheet (or workbook). You can then paste or move these items within Excel or to other Office applications. The Office Clipboard can hold up to 24 items.


What a Drag! You can't use the drag-and-drop feature to copy or move data to the Office Clipboard.

The Office Clipboard is viewed in the Clipboard task pane. Follow these steps to open the Office Clipboard:

  1. Select the Edit menu, and then select Office Clipboard . The Clipboard task pane appears. Any items that you have cut or copied appear on the Clipboard (see Figure 8.5).

    Figure 8.5. The Clipboard provides a list of items that you have cut or copied.


  2. To paste an item that appears on the Clipboard, click in a cell on the worksheet, and then click the item on the Clipboard. It is then pasted into the selected cell .

You can remove any of the items from the Clipboard. Place the mouse pointer on an item listed on the Clipboard and click the drop-down arrow that appears. Click Delete on the shortcut menu that appears.

You can also clear all the items from the Clipboard. Click the Clear All button at the top of the Clipboard task pane.


Open the Clipboard from the System Tray You can quickly open the Office Clipboard in any Office application by double-clicking the Clipboard icon in the Windows System Tray (at the far right of the Windows taskbar).

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